I have been on a journey of exploration for the past few years and have made amazing progress in my life achievements. One of those was that I have been volunteering at a distress center help line for the past year. I have enjoyed helping others in need and ever since been thinking of going back to school to get a Social Services degree. But this idea of going back to school full time has never appealed to me, or should i say it never felt right.

Years ago, i had taken Reiki classes and made a bunch of excuses why no one would come and see me for treatments that I have barely done any Reiki Treatments. While taking the Reiki training, I had grandiose ideas of taking various other methods of healing such as massage therapy and reflexology, but being stuck in a rut and job that is under-utilizing me, nothing materialized out of it.

I have just turned 37 this Sunday and my wife, for my birthday offered me a 1 hour relaxation massage at one of our local spas. I have to say that it was wonderful. It was during the massage that all of the ideas I had when taking Reiki classes, came back to me and resonated in my entire being. We, my wife and I, then went for coffee\dessert to discuss our future plans and It is there that I realized i wanted to do massage-therapy more than social work. It felt right and I have not felt this way since I did Reiki and when i started doing my Volunteering.

Now that I have realized that I want to help people in various ways, that my next step will be to start taking a part-time internet and local hands on course in Massage-Therapy at one of our local schools. I am very excited and nervous at the same time.

So this is the time that I take control of my life and start making a difference in others lives.

Man, I love my 30’s


Last night I had the privilege to do Energy work (Reiki and QT) on an older man, Ed, who is the boyfriend of one of my friend’s mother. This man has had benign tumors in his brain for over a year, had most of them removed and then it spread rapidly again in his brain, vertebrae and his chest.

When we got to his room, I could tell that he was not really in that good of a state. At this point the four of us started to do energy work on him. In the beginning, I could feel his sadness of being in such a state and worried what people would think of him. But after 45 min of doing healing, I was compelled to smile, and every time he opened his eyes and looked at me all i could do is smile for him and at that instance I felt reassurance and peace come over him. It was a great experience for us both.

My friend, who is now an avid energy worker, was working with him for a week now and had mentioned that yesterday was the worst of his days in the hospital. So she decided that she would use Reiki to cure him. Little did she know, Reiki is not a cure but a means to an end, a way to help people shed their excess baggage’s in turn then help them heal themselves from their physical ailments.

Well, at 1:00 am this morning Ed passed away. Ironically, I am smiling with tears in my eyes and saying to myself, thank you Ed for being a part of my life and letting me share a part of mine with you.

Now that Ed has passed, my friend doubts her ability to do energy work, thinking if I would have done something different. If only my mother would have been with him instead of us, he died alone……..But sadly, what she did not realize is that what happened, happened for a reason and could have not happened any other way (taken from the matrix). What are the odds of him passing away the morning after his first group energy session, hmmmm, very good I think.

What she will realize, in time, that we actually helped Ed to move on in his next life, that he did not need to stick around for anyone, he made peace with this and himself and accepted his life and his death.

Please do not forget, Energy work is not a cure but only the means for people to start healing themselves.

Live on Ed.

Memory Loss and ways to heal

After reading a report on people able to recall lost memory, with explicit details, by means of having two wires implanted in the memory part of the Brain. These wires where connected to a battery, something like a pacemaker.

Now this made me think….

If we can recall long lost memory by having electricity jolted in our heads, then this is a temporary solution but not a permanent fix. Now it made me question even more; what are our brains missing?


Now, I am not saying to go and start putting your fingers in the electrical sockets, not yet anyways, but then why do our brains lack electricity? If you understand simple electronics then the answer is so simple, our neural connections are either ‘corroded’ or two weak (thin) to be able to transmit electricity. When this happens, the flow of electricity is weakened or even halted.

Now what is the best conductor of electricity?


Now putting all of these questions together, what does our body need or lack for better healthier minds? It is so simple that it is scary. Our bodies are in some serious need of pure basic metals that we can find in every day earth or soil. Animals eat dirt all the time, why? Plants grow better with some metal additives to the soil why?

Now I am not saying to go and eat dirt or munch on a brick of gold, but what I am saying is that our bodies rely on electrical currents to survive, but sadly our daily diets do not support any basic metal needs.

I do believe that this could one day help people with severe brain injuries and maybe even Alzheimer’s Patients if any researchers would spend the time to research this.

I also had a vision, after I read the article; that we would lie down on a table and would be able to recharge ourselves when needed. (Hmmm electro shock treatment anyone)…

Food for thought anyway, I would be very interested in what you have to say about this.


The power to heal

Here goes.

I have never talked to anyone but my wife about this, but some of her family members were really surprised of what happened that day.

One day two years ago, my wife received a call asking her to come and say her final goodbyes to her very sick Grand-Mother. Once we got there, my wife was told that she would probably only last the next few hours. So she went and said her goodbyes. Then my wife asked me to try and help her to relieve some of her pain with some Energy work. So I complied and went to see her. When I first saw her, her eyes were hazy (morphine) and she looked very weak. I asked her if it was Ok for me to do some energy work on her and she agreed (I do not think she knew what it was but agreed anyway). I placed one hand on her forehead and the other on her Solar Plexus. I then asked her to close her eyes and find a beautiful place in her life, where she was free to think about all the people that she loves and all the ones that loves her.

After about 20 minutes of this, I took away my hands and she looked at me with a great big smile and her eyes, to much of my surprise, were clear. She was crying tears of joy and she was in a very happy state. I left there saying my final goodbyes.

After about half an hour past and my wife’s aunt came and asked what I had done to her mother. Cautiously, I asked what she was talking about. She began explaining to me that her Mother was felling much better, her condition improved so much that they were thinking of taking her out of the ICU to a private room the following day. My wife just looked at me and laughed, while I was just standing there stunned.

Now two years later she is living in a semi nursing home (her own room). Moving around like any normal 86 year old. I am happy that she is now living for herself and not for her families’ sake. Good on you Grand-Maman.

From that day on, I now know that I have the power to heal. We all have the power to heal ourselves and others.

only after healings ourselves can we start healing the world


Life’s Little Changes

Two weekends ago, I did something I never thought I would do: I shaved off my Goat-T. You may be thinking ya ya good for you whoopee, you shaved!!!!!!!!! But seriously, what I have done can be considered a life changing action.

When I went to college to study, I ate to suppress my stress and gained 60 pounds (180 to 240) and started loosing my hair. This really bothered me because I was always the athletic skinny one with a nice head of black hair.

I moved from my home town to Ottawa for work, which in turn stressed me out as well, and was never able to loose the weight. Got Laid off during the crash of High tech industry, but was a blessing, I was able to have 6 months parental leave with my first child. When my parental leave started, I decided to shave my balding head and by then grown a nice Goat-T. After my 6 months, I took a job where my skills and assets could be used. Surprisingly, due to shift work, manual labor (factory job), very hot working conditions and liking the job, I LOST 40 Pounds in three months of working there. Now I work for the government in a stereotypical job, but leave’s me enough time to ponder about life.

The Goat-T was a symbol of my failure, of keeping everything inside, hiding behind the mask that was. Yes it was a mask that made me feel unwanted, ugly, fat, stupid, mean, and mainly unworthy of anyone’s attention. Wow all that from a Goat-T, who new?

Now that it is off, I feel liberated. I feel like I can do anything in the world. I now feel manly, smart, inviting, good looking, and Worthy. And the funny thing is that when I walked into a restaurant, this past weekend, tables full of girls were actually staring at me. I cannot recall at any other time when another woman, other than my wife, stared at me, it kind of felt good.

The funny thing is that I lost another additional 5 pounds since I shaved it off. I guess when you feel good the body follows.

I am now walking with my head high, a spring in my step and seem to be generally happy. Another thing is that I actually wore a casual dress shirt to work today, which I would have never done before (T-Shirts only kind of guy), and actually said to myself; I look good. So strange what less hair on my face is doing to me?

Wow, it almost looks like I am starting to get my emotional and spiritual sides balanced. I am now doing what feels good to me and not letting anything or anybody influence my state of being.

Hello world, I am back


The Agony of Resistance

Hi all!

I have been resisting my life lately, trying to make sense of life with my head and not with the heart (soul). I love my life and could not ask for anything better, a great inspirational wife and two wonderful kids. Still, my career is not where I want it to be.

I have decided to stop resisting the arts. I have taken a Theatre course and really enjoyed it and have been asked play several parts in the upcoming play from MARKALOU.ca. I am really exited about his and still need to get out of my head and start enjoying every moment of this (dam you stress).

I have decided to take up painting; mind you I have never painted anything in my life other than the walls in my house. I did a series of three; I guess I just could not do one to start of with.

And here they are.



I have realized, with the guidance of my wife, that I can accomplish anything in life. What was holding me back was the fear of rejection, of failure, and fear of not pleasing the ones I care about. Being without fear opens up so many different life paths and seems to clear out the ones that were long forgotten.

I am me and that is all


Well, me and my wife dicuss the christian spirituality quite often (raised as catholic). One question came up, and it was, ‘was Jesus’ really a God, or even the son of a god.

Some fun facts about Jesus:

Could walk on Water: Extreme agility to control his chakra
Could Heal by the laying of hands: We all have this power in each of us, we just need to learn how to materialize it.
Died for the people: Did not fear death, as he already knew what was to come.
Could predict future events: Very high conection with his third eye.

And so on…..

Now all of the above mentioned, all of us souls, in human bodies, should be able to perform some if not all of these so called miracles, and guess what most of us already have. Yes I am working hard to be able to Walk on water, yea right, but would be interesting to try.

Was Jesus a God, NO, I do not think so. I believe that Jesus was a very old (advanced) soul that came to earth with advanced knowledge and abilities. He was here to teach us, to warn us, to love us, but I think, along the way, most of us lost or corrupted these messages for reasons of greed and Power over the mass.

Is Jesus in my heart? Absolutely. Even if the Jesus we talk about is a fabrication or a very good book of fiction, the message it holds is real. Do not take the writings literally, but take the messages that it holds to heart.

Let us enjoy this spiritual awakening that is upon us